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The notion "Spare parts hypermarket” means the possibility to purchase a wide range of spare parts at reasonable prices at one place with maximum number of additional services. It substantially simplifies spare part and utility purchase process. We supply spare parts not only to the whole range of machinery we sell, but also to other one.

Our assortment includes more than 100.000 articles and consists of:

spare parts for tractors and agricultural machinery;

spare parts for building and municipal machinery;

spare parts for automotive machinery, as well as engines.

Minsk Tractor Plant (trade mark BELARUS, concern “Tractor Plants" (trade marks "Chetra" and “Agromash"), Volgograd tractor plant, Cheliabinsk Tractor Plant, Kharkov Tractor Plant, Minsk Automobile Plant (trade mark MAZ), Bobruiskagromash, Gomselmash - these are only few names of machinery producers we supply spare parts to in full volume.

There are more than 200 enterprises-manufacturers of original spare parts in our list, among which: Minsk Tractor Plant, Minsk Motor Plant, Minsk Automobile Plan, Yaroslavl Motor Plant, Bobrujsk Spare Parts Plant, Vitebsk Plant of tractor Spare Parts, Romensky plant "Tractorzapchast", Minsk CogWheel Plant, Gomel Plant of Starters, Jubana, Gidroprivod, Hydrosila, Belshina, Orenburg Radiator, Radiovolna, Gomelstaklo, Dozator-plus, Motordetal, Belcard, TAiM, and others.

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