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Our specialists in advance prepare for each season, analyze the market and carefully selected the most requested equipment and spare parts to it. So rest assured - at the right time all the necessary products you will be in stock in our warehouse!   Our product portfolio includes over 80 000 items of spare parts. Our catalog includes products for technology of domestic and foreign production. We are an authorized dealer of many well-known manufacturers and offer spare parts for agricultural machinery the following brands:   Bellota Agrisolutions, Maschio-Gaspardo, ALMAZ (Rubtsovsk spareparts plant), Minoytovsky repair plant, AMM (Minsk Gear Plant) Tehmash, Belagromash Service, Lidaagroprommash, Lidselmash, Bobruiskagromash, Agropromselmash, Chervona Zirka, Mordovagromash, MDE (Minoytovsky repair plant ) Gryazinsky cultivator plant, "Sarmat", "Selkhozmash", "Lyubertsy», Claas, Amazone, Kverneland, Horsch, Pottinger, Holmer Maschio-Gaspardo, Grimme, Lemken, Rabe.   Huge selection of parts, quality service and attention to clients - that's what makes us indispensable in busy season of field work.    
  • Tillage machinery
  • 03. Посев
  • 04. Внесение удобрений
  • 05. Хим. защита растений
  • 06. Для возделывания пропашных культур
  • 07. Кормозаготовка
  • 08. Уборка зерновых культур
  • 09. Приготовление и раздача кормов
  • 10. Перевозка грузова
  • 13. Цепи для СХТ

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