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Nowadays a lot of people in many countries of the world are becoming more and more interested in agricultural sphere, having realized that growing food in very profitable and promising direction of business. But not all of us have enough knowledge to start such ambitious projects. That is why Belagro offers such option as TURNKEY SOLUTION.

If you are an ambitious person who has decided to start a project you are welcome to address to us having only the initial data such as: the amount of land you have, its condition (virgin, cultivated, etc), the list of existing machinery and staff and the crops or cattle you are planning to grow and breed.
Our highly-qualified brand managers and technical specialists will send you the questionnaire to find out all the data they need, while our sales managers will provide with all marketing materials and brochures with technical data for the machinery. Please fill in the questionnaire below. Having studied all the data, our specialists will calculate and present a detailed TURNKEY SOLUTION for the precise Project with number of machinery needed and descripting the whole work procedure. Also we will offer spares for the proposed machinery for the first year of operation, as well as tires, after sales service and knowledge transfer if needed in order to arrange uninterrupted work on the Project and allow getting the desirable harvest on the particular land plot.
Having more than 40 000 names of spares we have installed Warehouse Management System in all our warehouses. Each spare part has its own bar code that makes order collection faster and reduces mistakes and shipment of wrong items to zero. So the Client is sure that no matter how far his land plot is he will get the right spare parts in the requires amount.

Apart from our personal trucks that carry out deliveries around Russia and Kazakhstan, we have tight relations with many transportation companies in case multimode transportation (truck-sea or truck-plane) is necessary. So our Clients may count on the best transportation prices and the most convenient delivery conditions.

As soon as the Client approves the amount of the proposed machinery we can calculate the cost of transportation by various Incoterms (CIP, DAP, FOB, etc). Even if you are a farmer ordering small amount of machinery you can either cooperate with other farmers of your region or we can offer you transportation by a collective consignment in order to reduce your expenses and make the delivery as advantageous as possible.

Belagro is a member of Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and has competent certification specialists who will arrange preparation of all the certificates and delivery forms required by your country.

Needless to say that Belagro has its own customs clearance department so the Client does not need to worry about all the details in respect of shipment documents preparation and the drivers do not need to spend time driving to custom clearance points located in other parts of the city.

So to sum up the only things you need is your willingness to start the project in agricultural sphere, contact us and enjoy the harvest and the profit from your Project.

This is what we call THE JOY OF CULTIVATION.