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Belagro helped Australian farmers fix Belarus


Belagro is happy to earn popularity in Australia. We get more and more requests from Down Under. Although we are located in the heart of Europe, we deliver parts worldwide.  For instance, in July we received a request from Dorothy and Michael. They live in Victoria, Australia where they own 130 acre. They raise cattle and poultry; have 3 stables for both their own horses and those belonging to their guests. Their visitors can rent a house and enjoy the countryside or help feed the animals, check if the chickens have laid some eggs or help groom the animals.

To manage the farm effectively, they obviously need equipment, so a tractor appears to be one of the main pieces. Unfortunately, their tractor broke down. The Australian couple ordered a new sub frame from Belagro to fix it. Certainly, we did our best to deliver the part.

The delivery was not fast, but if we discuss it in terms of the distance, the transportation company performed well. We also should take into consideration that sub frame started its travel from Belarus to Australia making a hook to Brussels by road. From Belgium it was transported by air to Melbourne.


Within 4 days since the package had arrived, the tractor was fixed. It was exactly the right sub frame and the size fit so it all went together perfectly. The tractor have been performing like clock-work ever since. Michael and Dorothy are happy about it, as they got their main aid back. You must be wondering how we know about. We got a letter from Michael and Dorothy expressing gratitude and they were so kind to attach photos with sub frame installed on their tractor.

tractor1.2.jpg tractor22.jpg tractor33.jpg tractor44.jpg